Meet The Team

  • Ben John
  • CEO and Co-founder

  • As the co-founder of VTC, Ben is developing Virtual-TutorCenter into a global tutoring hub offering quality education to students from US, South Korea, and South Asia.

    According to Ben, VTC’s overarching mission is to give students the access to learn from tutors who truly care for their learning and academic success. And with the help of technology, VTC will provide an effective, interactive and easy to use tutoring platform where students can learn from the comfort and privacy of their home without the need of spending time and money commuting to learning centers.

    “Schools are becoming more difficult, and college admissions are getting more competitive. The role of tutors is becoming crucial to the educational process because they go beyond the attention given to a student in a regular classroom setting. My main goal is to provide top notch instructors to our students so that they can achieve the success in their studies they truly deserve.”

  • Abhishek Paily
  • CTO and Co-founder

  • Abhishek is formally educated in the field of Accounting, Finance and Information Systems at Drexel University, Philadelphia and St. Xavier's College, India. Before VTC, Abhishek worked as an Information Analyst at SAP inc. and as a Retail Engineer at Sunoco Petroleum .

    Believing that affordable education right from home can make all the difference in the learning ability of the student, Abhishek co-founded Virtual-Tutor Center. Currently VTC is becoming a global hub catering to the students of United States, South Korea, China and India. As an avid programmer Abhishek has been involved with the development of VTC website and internal student management system.

    “Affordable, Easy to Use, Convenient and Globally Acclaimed Learning Methods with Top Notch Tutors! Our Motto at Virtual Tutor Center! ”